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Five ways to shine this summer

Posted 4th August 2017

The sun’s out (mostly), the air’s balmy and the call of the outdoors is getting louder by the day. But beware – for all the wonders of summertime, those rays can really wreak havoc on your skin. Fortunately our Head Therapist at the House Spa, has a few tricks up her sleeve to keep your complexion looking radiant until autumn rolls around…

Top 5 tips to healthy summer skin

1. Drink Water

Of every beauty treatment available, water is the most underestimated – and the least expensive. Staying hydrated will help ensure your skin retains its natural collagen; keep your organs nourished; and give you more energy too. About three pints a day is the optimum to aim for.

2. Exfoliate

It’s important to get your skin prepped for the summer sun. Exfoliation helps the skin absorb any other products you use and enhances the effects of moisturisers, thus eliminating dry patches and giving you a smooth complexion. For the Ultimate Citrus Ritual at the House Spa, we use some fantastic vitamin C-based products to exfoliate the face, along with a deeply moisturising soufflé mask to guarantee deep hydration. Natura Bissé Vitamin Scrub includes rose-hip seeds in its formula for a gentle but effective exfoliation.

3. Wear sunscreen

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of applying appropriate skin protection against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays – even in the UK. At the House Spa, we’ve found some incredible products that keep the skin safe without that nasty greasy feeling you get from some sunscreens. Temple Spa has launched a new-look Life Defence moisturiser with an SPF of 25, that’s sleekly packaged is sleek and slips nicely into your bag. For something a smidge more heavy-duty, look for Natura Bissé Vitamin C Dry Oil Antioxidant Spray – it offers SPF 30 protection, absorbs into the skin straight away and has a seductive fresh-orange fragrance.

4. Use serums

Every skincare routine can benefits from the addition of serums. They work all year round but are especially good for extra hydration after being out in the sun. Serums have smaller molecules than moisturisers, meaning they can penetrate deeper and hydrate more thoroughly. Our favourite is Natura Bissé nb Ceutical Intensive Tolerance Booster – worth every penny of its price tag.

5. Go easy on the eyes

The sunshine can be particularly harsh on the fragile skin around the eyes, but I’ve found that Natura Bissé Diamond Extreme Eye is the perfect addition to the summer skin routine. It fights any sign of the skin ageing and triggers your skin's own defence mechanisms to repair your skin and protect it from harmful aggressors. This is our favourite for summer because it provides elasticity to the skin and maintains an optimal state of hydration.