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Things to do when it rains...

Afternoon tea

Apart from, perhaps, discussing the weather or apologising when someone bumps into you, there can’t be many things more quintessentially English than afternoon tea in the Cotswolds. At The Fish Hotel we serve up a delicious afternoon tea which can be enjoyed whilst cosying up by the fire in one of the lounges.

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Puddle hopping walks

Why let the rain stop you? We've got plenty of Hunter wellies available for you to borrow along with brollies. Go for a puddle hopping walk down to Broadway village, perhaps enjoy a cheeky drink in one of the pubs before heading back up to dry off by the fire.

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Catch a film

Take a trip to the lovingly restored Art Deco Regal Cinema in the nearby town of Evesham. The Regal shows all of the latest films and has a great cafe and bar. They even offer seat service bringing you whatever you like throughout the film so you don't have to miss anything!

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Gin tour

It's the drink of the moment and we love Cotswolds Gin. Head on over for a tour of the distillery, learning about the methods and seeing first hand how Cotswolds Gin is made, topped off nicely with a tasting of what we think is one of the finest gin's you can get your hands on. (Tours need to be pre-booked)

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