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Do It For The Team

From absurd obstacle courses to code-cracking challenges and competitive cookery, Farncombe Estate hosts pulse-racing team-building events and away-days you won’t forget.

Group Activities

It's a Knockout

Giant penguin costumes, improbable inflatables, wacky races and oceans of foam – it’s a school sports day with a few buckets of sheer ridiculousness chucked over it. Competitors abandon their inhibitions and battle it out, slapstick style, to finish the course – this is team-building at its, er, bounciest.

Crystal Maze'd

The classic cult 90s TV show reimagined for real life: our version of the fiendish quirk-fuelled puzzle game has teams cracking cryptic clues and conquering mental and physical challenges across a series of fantastically themed zones in the hope of winning crystals.

Bake Off Challenge

On your marks, get set… Bake! Can you stir up the perfect sponge or will a soggy bottom let you down? Our answer to Paul Hollywood puts your baking skills to the taste test…

Jungle Experience

Join us at a jungle camp and face a madcap assortment of team challenges designed to make you squirm, scream and channel your wilder side. (Ant and Dec not included.)

The Picasso Picture Show

Can you recreate a masterpiece from memory? Our group art activity presents your team with a blank canvas and challenges you to unleash your inner artist.

Treasure Hunt

Demanding, collaborative and a whole lot of fun, the treasure hunt is the mother of all team-building events. Our version will send you roving around Farncombe Estate in a race to crack clues and uncover secrets…

Soapbox Derby

Build your own roadster from scratch and then test it out by going bumper-to-bonnet, in this hi-octane Robot-Wars-meets-Wacky-Races competition. We supply the materials; you supply the engineering skills and ingenuity.

Movie Making

Fancy taking on the Hollywood greats? You and your guests will be tasked with recreating a classic cinema scene. Will your Wizard of Oz be Oscar-worthy, or will your Indiana Jones whip up a storm?

Multi-Activity Day

Why confine yourselves to one event when you can cram several into one day? We can combine elements of different activities and a host of country sports to create a bespoke, challenging and fun day of fierce but friendly competition in the great outdoors.

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